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My name is Joanne Priest and I have been tutoring in the Bristol area since the beginning of 2011, and teaching or tutoring since completing my PGCE in 2000.  Since starting my independent tutoring business in Bristol, I have worked with a great number of students of all ages, including adults, and helped them to achieve their potential in a variety of subjects including English and maths.  I believe that my genuine holistic approach to learning and my unusual breadth in experience in education makes me unique among educational providers. Not only do I help support school and college courses, I encourage lifelong learning and critical thinking skills by encouraging my students to ask their own questions and give them as much ownership of their own learning as possible.

"My son really enjoyed his sessions..."

"Jo really inspired our son, giving him the confidence to express himself and be self-motivated..."

"Jo doesn't just tell you what something means, she will describe it until you understand which really helped me with my learning disability."

I have a passion for education and an innate understanding, not only of how to communicate a subject or topic effectively, but also of the frustrations that can accompany the sometimes painful learning process.  I derive great pleasure in seeing students grow in confidence, and achieve more than they thought possible.  I believe in my students, and my belief and enthusiasm is infectious! 

"I often hear them laughing together and genuinely loving their tutoring session."

"My daughter's confidence (in maths) has increased significantly..."

"Jo makes learning fun and easy to understand and has helped me a lot."

"I would certainly recommend her to tutor your son or daughter."

 *For more information on my experience and educational philosophy, click on About Me

What I can offer as a tutor:

  • Tuition in any of the national curriculum subjects from KS1 to KS3
  • Tuition in GCSE English language and literature, maths, history, geography
  • Tuition for AS/A2 level English language and literature, history and geography 
  • Tuition in English as a foreign language e.g. preparation for IELTS or CAE
  • Tuition for adult learners in literacy and numeracy

This list is by no means exhaustive, however, and it may be that I can help you even if you think your request does not fit in with any of the above.  For example, I was asked to help a student to understand the basics of binary code for her course in Computer Science, and even though I have no background in computing to speak of, and had never attempted to understand it, one quick hit on the books and I was able to clarify it for her in two sessions.  She then went on to do the difficult stuff!

I also offer online tuition where there are really no geographic boundaries as long as my student has a computer with an internet connection.  I can literally provide tuition to anyone, anywhere in the world. 

I know how important education is.  It is crucial to opening those doors necessary to gain an equal footing in an increasingly competitive world.  It is often crucial for a person's confidence and self-esteem.  It should also be an enjoyable experience so that it continues throughout a person's life. 

Let me help you or your child succeed.




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